• Logo Interpretation
    The new logo of CR Vanguard implies the pioneer of national retail. The bright red impresses consumers with a simpler style and a more distinct image perception; the hexagram shape and dynamic flat image design can not only demonstrate its style of meeting the times and international features, but also mobilize the most direct visual association of audiences and convey the management philosophy that CR Vanguard has always been sticking to, namely “fashionable, quality, considerate, fresh, cheap and convenient”.
    Correct ratio specification and interpretation of the enterprise slogan
    While looking into the future, CR Vanguard is full of confidence, by carrying on its philosophy of “better life together”, showing concern for thousands of households, and working with the social public to change the live and make innovations.
    Through continuous optimization and development, it insists on providing excellent, convenient, fresh, cheap, complete and considerate services to the public, so as to bring a comfortable, plentiful, modern and healthy lifestyle.
    CR Vanguard will be devoted to making itself an excellent retail enterprise that can improve the life quality for the public.
    Our slogan selects a type of running script (similar to the regular script but not as much as regular as the regular script) elaborately, which is smooth and dynamic, being recognizable by customers of all ages. Besides, it can also show that we advocate a sunny, healthy, considerate and caring life. The arc design element, as smooth as a falling star, not only projects a vigorous vitality, but also brings dynamic and happy visual enjoyment to consumers.

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